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MAGPrep Advance Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Mini Kit (Including Proteinase K Power

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High Recovery: Possible to purify between 5-50µg of genomic DNA.

Time saving: Within 30 minutes depending on sample type.

Safe: No phenol / chloroform extraction or ethanol precipitation required.

Versatile: Extraction of genomic DNA from whole blood, plasma, serum, buffy coat, fluids, lymphocytes, cultured cells and bacterial cells.


Sample: Kit with proteinase K: Up to 0.2ml blood sample, 5×106 animal cultured cells, 108 bacterial cultured cells

Kit without Proteinase K: Up to 0.3ml fresh blood sample

Binding Capacity: Up to 50µg genomic DNA

Operation Time: within 30 minutes

Expectant Yield: 4-12µg for blood sample

20-40µg for cultured cells