Double walled construction. Outer body made of Mild Steel duly Powder Coated for longer durability. Inner chamber made of Stainless Steel with ribs to hold trays. Shaking platform also made of S. Steel accommodate 16 Flask of 500 ml. capacity. Temperature controlled by Digital Temp. Controller cum Indicator from 5 to 80°C, with an accuracy of ± 0.5 °C or Better. Temperature below ambient is maintained by a hermetically sealed compressor with complete unit placed beneath the chamber. Shaking speed can be controlled by digital Speed Regulator. A Stainless steel perforated tray is also provided for the use of upper portion of the chamber as a simple B.O.D. Incubator. An illumination lamp is also provided inside the chamber. Suitable to work on 220 /230 V, 50 Hz.Single Phase AC supply.



(A) 455 X 610 X 400 mm (4 QB FT)(A) Programmable Timer
(B) 505 X 830 X 415 mm (6 QB FT )(B) Illumination with 4 numbers of 60 cm. Fluorescent tubes.
(C) 570 X 875 X 550 mm (10 QB FT)(C) Spare platform to accommodate other capacity of flask
(D) 650 x 900 x 550 m.m. (26″x36″x22″)(D) Voltage Stabilizer (Blue Bird)
(E) Programmable Graphic LCD Controller cum display