It has outer wall made of M.S. Sheet duly powder coated and inner wall made up of heavy gauge S.S. Sheet. The gap between inner and outer wall is filled with puff insulation to avoid thermal loss. Besides outer double walled door, a full view inner glass door allows inspection of test samples without disturbing the inner chamber conditions. Unit is supplied with three adjustable perforated shelves. Temperature range from 5°C to 50°C (Can be changed as per customer requirement) with accuracy of ± 0.5°c is controlled by DUAL SETTING Digital Temperature indicator-cum-controller so as to set two different temperatures for Day and Night. Exterior illumination with fluorescent tubes fitted on both sides of the chamber accounts for artificial day light, and the cyclic illumination conditions are regulated by automatic 0-24 hrs. Timer, when all the tubes are on temperature from 15°C to 50°C ±0.5°C can be from ambient to 50°C and the same is achieved by means of injecting steam. Arrangements for increasing the humidity are provided and not for decreasing.


(A) 505 x 830×415 m.m.(A) Digital Humidity Controller
(B) 570 x 875 x 550 m.m.(B) Programmable Graphic LCD Controller cum display (PID)
(C) 650 x 900 x 550 m.m.