It is used for sterilization under saturated steam pressure at any selected point between 5 to 20 p.s.i. (Optional adjustable with pressure control switch). These are double walled units with inner chamber (Boiler) made of 18 S.W.G. stainless steel and outer chamber is covered with M.S Lid is tightened by radial locking system. Fitted with neoprene rubber gasket, all systems are hydraulically tested up to 40 p.s.i., as a safety measure. All autoclaves are fitted with standard accessories such as water level indicator, pressure gauge, , steam release cock, spring loaded safety valve and heating element. Supplied complete with S.S. basket, cord and plug to work on 220/230 volts A.C. Supply. ALL DELUXE MODELS besides being fitted with STAINLESS STEEL/LID and having inner chamber made of s.s. and outer chamber stainless steel, are also fitted with VACUUM BREAKER as a SAFETY DEVICE. Provided with digital microprocessor based system for setting temperature, purge time, exhaust time etc. Autoclave is controlled with the settings on this controller.



(A) 250×450 m.m.(10”X18”)(A) AUTOMATIC INDFOSS PIEZOSTAT
(B) 300×500 m.m.(12”X20”)(B) Automatic low water level cut-off device
(C) 350×550 m.m.(14”X22”)(C) Automatic 0-60 minutes “GERMAN ” Timer
(D) 450×600 m.m.(18”X24”)(D) Digital Temprature Display
(E) 550×750 m.m. (22”X30”)(E) Digital programmable graphic LCD Controller cum display